Our Partners

Facing History and Ourselves logo

Facing History and Ourselves provides a framework for schools, through an integrated model, to implement high-quality teaching in safe and inclusive classrooms, to promote engagement through learning, and foster meaningful civic participation. S2 is thankful to be part of the Facing History and Ourselves’ New York Partnership Schools Network.

Amplify logo

Amplify inspires students to work harder and aim higher, and invigorate teachers with new ways to truly personalize learning. Their print and digital curriculum products engage and challenge students, and were developed specifically with college and career readiness in mind. S2 is partnering with Amplify in English Language Arts and Science classes.

People's Theatre Project logo

People's Theatre Project (PTP) is a Washington Heights based Arts and Social Justice organization founded in 2009. PTP creates the space and provides the tools for people of all ages to become “community actors” - expressive and critically thinking global citizens.

Play Rugby logo

Play Rugby uses the unique power of rugby to empower and inspire youth, primarily from underserved communities, to go forward and realize their true potential. In their first year, S2’s students loved playing flag rugby, and we are thrilled to continue this partnership in our second year.

Blue Engine logo

Blue Engine is an innovative education service model working in partnership with public schools serving low-income communities to give teachers access to trained Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs) for an entire school year. Working alongside teams of 3-4 BETAs, teachers have the instructional bandwidth and efficiency to teach a more rigorous academic curriculum. S2 is proud to be Blue Engine’s first charter school partnership.

Scribble Art Workshop logo

Scribble Art Workshop is a local, developmentally-based art program seeking to build creativity as a life skill that will serve its students beyond the art studio. They bring the materials and methods that help students tap back into a primer maker self: a joyful artist who believes they can make a thing of beauty.

Midori & Friends logo

Midori & Friends provides high quality music education programs to underserved children in New York City's public school system. Now entering its 25th year of service, with a track record of transforming the lives of over 250,000 students in underserved public schools, Midori & Friends is a premier provider and trusted leader in music education.