From our Principal

Welcome to School in the Square (S2), where our mission is to engage, educate and empower Washington Height’s promising youth, while supporting their families and providing an inspiring working environment for our educators. Our school is defined by three things: academic rigor, passion, and community.

In addition to selecting the highest quality curricula, S2’s academic leadership team approach each student as an individual, with different learning styles, interests, and skills. Based on regular assessments and analyses, our educators use data to curate unique educational plans and schedules for every student. Teachers come to know students both academically and personally, fostering a nurturing environment that facilitates learning and growth. In this way, we hold both our teachers and our students to the highest expectations.

To thrive in a school environment, students must be engaged. Knowing this, we work to inspire our students and make the experience of learning fun. Regular field trips to NYC’s cultural institutions, sports games, or educationally relevant movie screenings and plays bring meaning and life to classroom work. Through our Passions program, students self-select classes of interest within the arts, sports, and technology. Every quarter, students choose two new Passions from a wide and changing variety of options. From rugby, to fashion design, to coding, these classes inspire our students, energizing them throughout the rest of the school day.

Finally, we are, above all, a community of learners; this extends to our staff as much as our students. We encourage and support regular professional development to maintain a culture of betterment throughout the school. Just as we encourage our students to speak up for themselves, we ask their families, as essential members of our community, to do the same. S2 is a dynamic organization that promises to be responsive to its community with the goal of preparing our students to achieve in secondary school and life beyond. I am so very proud to be a member of this community and I look forward to growing together.

Your Principal,
Carrie Amon


Image of Principal, Carrie Amon

Carrie Amon, Principal

(718) 916-7683