A Day in the Life of an S2 Student...

School in the Square (S2) offers a Common Core aligned program of study in ELA, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts that encourages critical thinking and effective communication. The goal of our academic program is to foster the intellectual and personal growth of students, promoting college readiness and retention. Using academic data, co-teaching and small-group instruction we personalize education so students at all levels can meet or exceed the standards. S2 addresses the whole child with ample opportunities for social and emotional learning as well as physical education in a variety of modalities (i.e., sports, dance, yoga) to engage all students. The S2 leadership and staff are dedicated to creating a positive school culture that encourages student voice, ownership, and independence.

Individual student schedules vary based on their needs and personal choices. Below is an example of what one child’s schedule might include...

Early Bird 8:30A - 8:55A Optional Breakfast & Quiet Reading
Period 1 9:00A - 10:00A Homeroom & English Lanuage Arts
Period 2 10:02A - 10:55A Math
Period 3 10:57A - 11:50A Writing or Physical Education
Period 4 11:52A - 12:42P Science or Social Studies
Period 5 12:44P - 1:34P Lunch and Recess
Period 6 1:36P - 2:29P English Language Arts Lab
Period 7 2:31P - 3:24P Passions Elective (e.g. Rugby, Yoga, Coding, Art)
Period 8 3:26P - 4:30P Academic Options (e.g. Book Club, Tutoring, IXL Math)
Afternoon 4:30P - 6:00P Sports Practice (e.g. Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball)


7th grade student reading