School Designed for Students & Families

Extended Day: Our extended academic school day runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with the ability for students to arrive as early as 8:00 a.m. and depart as late as 5:15 p.m., giving them time for rich academic instruction, personalized attention, and unique extra-curricular opportunities. During the Winter, S2 offers Saturday Classes for additional academic support. 

Extended Year: Our school calendar begins in August with an S2 orientation day prior to the first day of school. S2 also offeres a 5-week summer program in July and August for enrolled students. 

Prime Time: Students participate in an advisory-style program that draws from a research-based mindfulness curriculum to increase focus, concentration, and self-awareness.

Partnerships: We connect our students with high-quality cultural and community partnerships that spark their passions.


Students in the Square

We know you, we have time for you, you matter most. 

Tight-Knit Community

A learning community where students are seen, heard, and inspired. Students build the foundations and leadership skills necessary to excel in college and professional life.

Real-Word Skills

Through analyzing critical issues, S2 students develop problem-solving, leadership, and public speaking skills.


A co-teaching model in all core academic classes allows teachers to create targeted small group instruction – challenging the highest performers while supporting struggling learners.

Families in the Square

We make the connection between school and home a priority.

Parent Outreach

Teachers dedicate time each week for parent outreach, which enhances communication between S2 and our families. 

Parent Participation

At S2 our staff connect and celebrate with parents during our monthly community events. S2 also provides bi-weekly English Classes for parents and opportunities for feedback and support throughout the year. 

Digital Learning

Every student receives their own personal Chromebook, along with a case, charger and headphones, to be used in class and at home throughout the school year.