Our Dress Code

True to our value of honoring difference, our uniform policy gives as much choice as possible while providing a consistent “look” across the school.

Students follow a school-wide, flexible uniform policy that allows them to choose their own color and style combinations.

They can choose from an array of tops: polos, button-down collared shirts, cardigain or fleece, all of which are available in solid red, heather gray, teal, and navy blue. They can choose to wear pants, shorts or a skirt in either khaki or black and any closed-toed shoe of their choice (no sandals).

To start the school year, each family is provided a uniform starter kit, valued at $60.


If students want additional items, School in the Square uniforms can be ordered directly from Student Styles anytime. Families needing additional support can contact the school.

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Our Process

In May of our founding year, we launched a school-wide inquiry into S2 uniforms with the goal of coming up with our new policy.

We reviewed the latest research. Parents and students took a survey to share their perspectives of an S2 uniform. Students analyzed the uniform survey results and found that a majority of our families - both parents and students - are overwhelmingly in favor of instituting an S2 uniform.

A Student Uniform Committee was assembled with representatives from each Primetime. Ms. Rubey and Mr. Meyers worked with the committee as they struggled to come to agreement on the issues. It was a true lesson in democracy: committee members considered different perspectives and developed a uniform policy representative of our school community.

What if my Child Comes to School out of Uniform?

The committee considered this question carefully. Students agreed that uniforms can enhance their learning experience, so consequences of coming to school out of uniform should promote the uniform without interfering with learning time. Therefore, they agreed that if a student comes to school out of uniform:

(S)he will be provided with a “loaner” uniform to wear and return at the end of the day and be reminded of the consequences of coming to school out of uniform again.