Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

It is hard to believe that today is the first day of School in the Square’s third year! The past two days of orientation have really brought that reality into focus. It was so exciting seeing all of our new 6th graders again and getting to know them and their families a little better. And of course, it was thrilling to welcome back our 7th graders and our inaugural 8th grade class! 

Monday, August 27th was devoted to our new 6th graders. Students and their families spent a half day getting to know the school building, spending time with the staff and gaining an understanding of our school culture. Students took a tour of their classrooms and engaged in some reflective exercises. Starting 6th grade at a new school is a rare chance for a fresh start. As such, we asked students to think about shedding past behaviors and negative feelings that did not suit them well and adapting new ideas for how to be the best student, community-member, classmate and friend that they can be. With that, we asked them to share their hopes for the coming year and to recognize all the ways that School in the Square is a unique learning environment that prioritizes well-being, respect, equality, acceptance and community. 

On Tuesday, August 28th, we welcomed our 6th graders back again in the morning before giving 7th and 8th graders their own time in the afternoon to reorient themselves. Returning students were so excited to see each other and their past teachers - they were all hugs and smiles! Students and families first gathered in our newly renovated, brighter dining hall - a vast improvement. Students were also glad to see the expanded nurse’s office, the new science room, and the freshly painted halls with an impressive array of bulletin boards decorated by their teachers. 

 Emoji Bulletin BoardTree Bulletin BoardArt bulletin board








Students broke up into their “Prime Time” groups and spent time learning about this new 20-minute daily period that has been incorporated into this year’s schedule. Each teacher has roughly 10 students in their Prime Time class and they will be the main contact for those students throughout the year. These teachers will have the unique opportunity to really get to know each of their students and to act as their advocate within S2’s growing school community. Teachers are really looking forward to taking on this role on behalf of their students, and parents should get to know and communicate with their student’s Prime Time teacher regularly.

Big thanks to all the families who showed up to take part in orientation: being an active part of your child’s education is incredibly important and we value your partnership so highly. 

After two full days of orientation, today marks the first full day of the 2018-2019 school year. This is going to be a GREAT year! 

6th Grade students sit in a circle for Prime Time orientation

Three 7th grade students excited to see each other at orientation - enjoying their pizza!

Two students having a laugh during orientation

6th graders excited about what they will be learning in ELA this year!

6th graders enthusiastic about science class this year!

Students engaged in a reflective exercise.