Ms. Stephanie Feinberg

7th Grade Math Teacher and Director of Math Instruction

Stephanie is thrilled to join the School in the Square community this year as the 7th grade Math teacher and Director of Math Instruction. She spent her first six years as an educator teaching Special Education in an elementary school. Seeing these students successfully unlock the world of numbers ignited Stephanie’s passion for teaching mathematics. She became a math specialist in the Mamaroneck public schools for the next six years. During that time she developed meaningful assessments to inform classroom teachers in their practice, facilitated teacher workshops to deepen their content knowledge and understanding of best practices, and worked with small groups of students in grades K-5 to provide targeted, individualized instruction and ensure that each and every student gained confidence and competence with mathematics. Originally from Long Island, Stephanie graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature before pursuing her Master’s in Education in general and special education. One of Stephanie’s core values is continuing education – for herself, as well as her students – and she regularly attends workshops for teachers on best educational practices, content, technology in the classroom and human development. S2’s mission to grow life-long learners and leaders attracted Stephanie as she feels strongly that schools must first and foremost ignite a passion for learning. She is excited to be a member of a dedicated school community that values collaboration and prioritizes both student and adult learning.