Mr. Tyler Gonlag

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Tyler Gonlag has worked with adolescents in many different roles, both in academic institutions and extracurricular programs. He began his teaching career in Southern California, where he taught Global Studies and English at a K-12 special needs public school. During the summer, he taught surfing and water sports at a fitness camp in Santa Monica. He has taught Creative Writing to undergraduates at New York University and Loyola Marymount University, and his most recent role was as an 8th grade History teacher at a charter school in South Brooklyn. He’s extremely passionate about integrating traditional methods of book learning into more creative approaches, and encourages his students to explore schoolwork in ways that are personally, socially and culturally relevant to them. He has organized and facilitated various creative writing groups for adolescents, and believes self-expression and curiosity are both powerful ways to enter academics. Tyler earned his BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. During his time there, he explored ways to bring Math, Science and History to life through spoken word, dance and music. He facilitated an extracurricular middle school art program at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center, and later earned his Master’s degree in Writing from New York University. He is both an active writer and musician, and enjoys teaching young people how to be confident in expressing themselves. Tyler is very excited to bring his love of art, music and writing to School in the Square. He is very passionate about the humanities, and believes that through collaboration, respect and hard work, anything is possible. Tyler is looking forward to cultivating a space with both students and staff where learning is joyful, difference is celebrated and success is achievable.