Ms. Sara McElhinney

6th Grade Math Teacher

As the 6th grade Math teacher, Sara brings over 7 years of small group instruction experience, 5 years of experience teaching mathematics and 3 years working in a Middle School setting. She prioritizes fostering a rich understanding of conceptual mathematics and facilitating student discussion/collaboration. Sara has incorporated a math workshop model that enables students to uncover the primary objective of a given task based on prior knowledge and the natural progressive nature of mathematics. Her commitment to developing a curiosity and love of math through a student centric math workshop model has enabled students to approach rigorous and grade level content through a variety of access points. Sara began her career in education as an AmeriCorps service member via the educational non-profit Blue Engine. As a first-year teaching assistant, Sara worked in a small group setting teaching 9th grade Algebra at Mott Hall high school. While at Mott Hall, Sara aided in material creation, data driven instruction practices and small group facilitation (both in school and during after school programming). As a second-year Team Coordinator at WHEELS (Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School), Sara was responsible for facilitating instructional PD’s for math teaching assistants, meeting with lead teachers for data meetings and coordinating after school programming for small group instruction in addition to teaching. After two years with Blue Engine, Sara committed to furthering her education within the field and was hired by Harlem Village Academy as a 5th and 6th grade mathematics teacher. While at HVA, Sara was pursuing a Master’s degree in teaching through a teacher residency program. It was at HVA where Sara began attending progressive mathematics P.D.’s centering on the facilitation of mathematical dialogue through a workshop model. She developed curricula that were both common core aligned and accessible to all students. During her second year teaching at HAV, Sara served as the 5th grade math teacher and grade team leader. Working exclusively as a 5th grade math teacher enabled her to work in a co-teaching model in both general education and ICT classroom models.