Mr. Daniel Evelyn

Mr. Daniel Evelyn

Director of Operations

From his teen years, Daniel Evelyn uncovered and honed the desire to effect positive change in the lives of young children and adolescents. For five consecutive years, he served on a local youth committee in Fairy Valley, Barbados. Among other responsibilities, Daniel planned and organized events and activities for teens and pre-teens to help inspire and empower them.

In his twenties, Daniel delved into education. In 2009, Daniel started teaching elementary-aged children in Barbados in the areas of English, Math, Science and Social Studies. In 2013, he moved to Japan to become an ESL/ELL teacher for K-12 students at Kansai International Academy (KIA) and YMCA Language Center. For two years, Daniel worked as the Head Teacher for the Hirakata campus of KIA.

Daniel attended The University of the West Indies (Barbados) and received his BSc. in Computer Science & Management. It was after his first degree that he took an opportunity to be mentored as a teacher and later acquired his Diploma in Education. During his years in college, Daniel worked full time as a technical support specialist with a conglomerate technology firm where he gained valuable technical knowledge. His teaching interests and abilities are diverse, including technology, leadership, enlightenment and culture.

Daniel is an avid supporter of technology in education, as it allows teachers to be the guide on the side. He believes that this prepares students to be innovative and expressive. He is excited to work with the S2 team in supporting this learning style, motivating and encouraging students to be successful contributors to society.