Mr. Noel Torres

Facilities & Food Services Manager

Noel Torres joins our team as an experienced charter school Food Services and Facilities Manager. He supervised staff, coordinated events and assisted the Director of Operations in performing a variety of administrative tasks. Prior to that, Noel was the Maintenance Assistant at Northside Center for Child Development, performing general maintenance of the facility including mechanical, electrical, carpentry and plumbing services. His responsibilities included conducting periodic inspections of the program’s building and equipment to meet New York City Department of Health guidelines, ensuring compliance with fire safety standards and serving as a liaison between program and vendors. These jobs provided opportunities for Noel to interact with staff and students regularly. While supervising food services, Noel solicited students’ likes and dislikes with the food being served and suggestions for what food choices would be an improvement. His favorite role was mentoring students and engaging them in conversations about their day, choices they made and how they could go about making better choices and decisions. For more than ten years Noel was an Assistant Group Leader for young adults with developmental challenges living in group homes. He assisted his clients with their everyday living skills and efforts to live with increasing independence. He also has extensive prior experience in the restaurant business, including three years as a restaurant manager. Noel studied at Automotive High School where he majored in car mechanics and auto body repairs. He holds a certificate of fitness s93 to supervise the temporary storage and dispensing of flammable or combustible liquids and certificate of fitness s95 supervision of fire alarms and other related systems. He is currently interested in enrolling in further studies for a certificate course in Facilities Management. Noel is excited to be a founding member of S2. He really believes in the value of teamwork and working with other people towards a common goal. He hopes the many skills and experiences that he brings to the Operations Team will make him a valuable teammate as well.