Mr. Scott Levenson

Board Chair

Scott is the Managing Partner of Private Prep, a premier education company providing one-on- one tutoring, test prep and college admissions services. In this role, Scott oversees Private Prep’s centralized business functions to ensure the delivery of a promise to help students, parents and staff learn to thrive. Scott also manages Private Prep’s strategic growth into new geographic markets and lines of service. In the past three years, Private Prep has made the Inc 5000 list for fastest growing privately held companies and ranked in the top 15 within Education. Scott’s experiences in education began during his high school years where he helped struggling elementary school students from low-income neighborhoods with their schoolwork. After graduating with a B.A in Political Science from Emory University, Scott moved back to Washington DC to work as an analyst at MCG Capital and mentored inner-city high school seniors as part of the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund program. Scott also holds an MBA from Emory, where he graduated with honors.