Mr. Aaron Listhaus

Academic Committee

Aaron has spent 28 years as a public school educator, holding the positions of teacher, principal, leadership coach, new school developer and charter school authorizer. Starting as high school teacher, Aaron has held instructional and leadership positions in in large and small schools. Aaron has been a staff developer, Assistant Principal, and Principal in high schools in NYC and a new Principal’s coach for the NYC Leadership Academy. He has also worked for non-profit organizations in developing new school models for high school and middle school, as well as Chief Academic Officer for Charter Schools at the NYC Dept. of Ed. In his current position as Executive Director for National Programs at the Hebrew Public Charter Schools for Global Citizens, he has supported the creation of 6 new schools across the country, that are diverse by design and focus on global citizenship in addition to teaching modern Hebrew. He is an advisor to board chairs in Hebrew Public’s network schools and is a board member at two network schools located in Brooklyn. Aaron holds a Masters’ Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Adelphi University and a School Leadership certificate for Fordham University.