Ms. Bianca Martino

7th Grade Math Teacher

When she was young, Bianca looked up to her aunt, a teacher, and loved spending time helping out in her classroom. However, Bianca did not immediately jump into education as a young professional. It was only upon witnessing the inequality in her own daughter's school, that Bianca was reminded of her early days spent in classrooms and the importance of high quality education. 

This realization motivated her to join Blue Engine as a teaching assistant (BETA), which is how she first made her way to School in the Square. She spent two years working with Blue Engine as a teachers assistant. For the first, she taught 8th grade math at Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School. In 2017, Bianca joined S2 as a BETA in the 7th grade math classroom, and in 2018 she was hired as a full time 7th grade math teacher.

Bianca graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from Hunter College and is currently working on her Master's Degree at Relay Graduate School of Education. She is so excited to be a part of the Team at School in the Square and adding to the amazing school culture that already exists.