Mr. Brett Davis

Mr. Brett Davis

8th Grade Math Teacher

Brett loves math.  He loves thinking about math.  He loves talking about math. As an Algebra and Algebra 2 teacher at South High School in Torrance, CA, he enjoyed bringing that love to students.  In addition to teaching high school, Brett taught middle school mathematics in South Los Angeles and worked as a mathematics instructional coach.  In each setting, he was dedicated to helping students access mathematical content and build their own confidence and skill level.  He was able to find success, with students not only progressing academically but also understanding the big-picture or concepts of math. 

Brett has both a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a Master of Education degree from UCLA.  Brett also studied abroad in Michoacán, Mexico and is fluent in Spanish.  He started his teaching career in Los Angeles teaching math in both English and Spanish. 

In addition, Brett applied for and received a $4000 Pegasus STEM Grant for his high school classroom to implement projects that married the fields of science, technology, mathematics and engineering to help these connections come alive for students.  The grant project title was “Investigating Population Growth: Math, Regression Analysis and the Real World”.  He then applied for and received a second $4000 STEM Grant, a rare accomplishment. The title of the second project was “Decibels, Logarithms and the Mathematics of Noise: A Community Exploration”.

Brett was honored to teach a Secondary Math Methods class to teacher-candidates at California State University Los Angeles.  They were all about to enter the teaching profession and were eager for proven methods to help students achieve.  Brett is proud of their work and loves watching them grow in their careers.

Brett’s work in middle and high school classrooms was also featured in the book Teaching Better: Igniting and Sustaining Instructional Improvement by Dr. Bradley Ermeling and Dr. Genevieve Graff-Ermeling.  

Brett teaches grade-level standards, but also strategies for success.  He is excited to bring this to S2.  A native New Yorker, Brett also lives in the Washington Heights neighborhood and is looking forward to being able to walk to work.