Ms. Nadelyn Pichardo

Ms. Nadelyn Pichardo

Special Education 6th Grade Math Teacher

My name is Nadelyn Pichardo and I was born in the Dominican Republic, I have been a part of Washington Heights since the age of 12 and recently moved to NJ. I hold a Bachelors in Chemistry from SUNY Oswego and a Masters in Special Education from Grand Canyon University. I have always had a passion for education, helping others understand difficult topics and learning new things excites me. I became an educator because I want to help students and families navigate the world of Special Education and Mathematics in a way that is not intimidating but inviting! 

What excites you the most about working at S2? 

I have been a part of the School in the Square community since 2018 yet it feels like I joined yesterday! What excites me most about working at S2 is being able to continue being a part of the community that saw me grow up and become who I am today. I want to continue to work with students, parents, and educators to make a positive change for the future of my students, the school, and the community. 

What's your favorite food?

My favorite food is pizza because the topping possibilities are endless. I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, baking, and doing many different arts and crafts to let go of my imagination.