Our Support Team

Ms. Jeanette DeLeon

Founding Operations Associate

Jeanette DeLeon was born and raised in the Bronx, where she attended public school and ...

Mr. Noel Torres

Facilities & Food Services Manager

Noel Torres joins our team as an experienced charter school Food Services and Facilitie...

Ms. Vishrani Prag

Social Worker

Vishrani Prag is fiercely passionate about empowering, transforming and advocating for ...

Mr. Arnaldo Rodriguez

School Counselor

Arnaldo Rodriguez has had a professional interest in education since he was in elementa...

Mr. Jean Martinez

Founding Coordinator of Sports Programs & Physical Education Teacher

Jean started workingwith New York City youth eight years ago. He began his career as a ...

Ms. Martha Farias

Food Services & Facilities Assistant

Mr. Adonis Morales

Operations Associate