Academic Achievement at S2

As part of our commitment to sparking a passion for learning in every student, we think it is important to give students the opportunity to feel the thrill of accomplishment, to celebrate their successes and to cheer on their peers. At the close of every quarter, we hold an awards ceremony and invite the entire S2 community, including siblings, guardians and parents, to applaud our students' hardwork and dedication over the previous months.  Following are descriptions of the awards given. 

Principal's List: Awarded to students who achieve a 90% or higher in every core subject 
Honor Roll: Awarded to students who achieve a 90% or higher average in all core subjects combined. 
Honorable Mention: Awarded to students who achieve a 90% grade or higher in any core subject. Quarter grade is 90 or higher in any core subject

2017 - 2018 Quarter 4 Academic Award Recipients!

6th Grade

Principal's List Recipients

  • Annalisa Raymond
  • Lucie Colon
  • Lauren Beriquette
  • Rashelle Holguin

Honor Roll

  • Alyzia Hiraldo
  • Maritza Ortego Ramirez
  • Raudy Almonte
  • Nicole Nivar
  • Sherlyn Torres
  • Natanael Alejandro
  • Melanie Gomez
  • Adonis Miesis
  • Cristal Torres
  • Leah Rosario
  • Joanna Peralta
  • Jaylyn Toliver

7th Grade

Principal's List Recipients

  • Naomi Pabon
  • Jedi Batista
  • Aidam Lam
  • Jenelee Saldana
  • Siarra Savinon
  • Isabella Tejada
  • Kryssia Pena Mendez

Honor Roll

  • Kendrick Honoret
  • Yianni Pena
  • Alana Garcia
  • Jayden Rodriguez
  • Bryan Nestor
  • Joel Almonte
  • Kimberly Caceres
  • Luis Tejada
  • Chameiry Marmolejo
  • Kenia Pena Mendez
  • Alysa Todd