At School in the Square, athleticism, endurance, healthy competition and fun are the focus of our growing sports program. Students are encouraged to pursue personal goals through a team effort in pursuit of a common objective, while having fun and forming deep friendships.

The lessons of cooperation, discipline, responsibility, respect, and sportsmanship are just as important in life as on the basketball court or softball field. Through the sportsmanship contract each student-athlete is required to read and sign, students understand that being part of team means being a representative of S2 and a role model for their community.

Upcoming Games

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Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer

Boys Baseball

Co-Ed Rugby




4:30P - 6:00P

Mon: Girls Soccer
Tues: Boys Soccer

Wed: Boys Baseball

Thurs: Rugby
Fri: Cheerleading


None Upcoming


Jean Martinez
(347) 471-5395

Joseph Rivera
(617) 487-2443