Student Art Gallery

The art room is a creative, busy space with 6th, 7th and 8th grade students all rotating through.  In all grade levels students have been exploring a wide range of concepts in art and producing outstanding artworks.

6th Grade Art

6th Grade students gain an understanding of the elements and principles of art through exploring abstract relief sculptures.

6th Graders built on these skills to then explore the human figure in art with a focus on the artist Alberto Giacometti. Students had a lot of fun creating their own Giacometti inspired sculptures.

7th Grade Art

7th grade students explore self-portraiture and how to use shading to create a realistic self-portrait. Students complete their incredible ½ face portraits by cutting a black and white photograph of themselves in half and drawing the missing half.

7th grade art students are challenged to think about their environment and surroundings through looking at the architecture around New York City. Students are taught how they can use art to create awareness about global and local issues.  Below, their focus was recycling and waste management. Students collected boxes from around the school and created their own relief sculpture of a building based on their observations of architecture around New York City.

8th Grade Art:

8th grade students were inspired by Frida Kahlo to create symbolic self-portraits. Students thought about what signs and symbols they could incorporate in their artwork to communicate ideas about their identity. Students experimented with acrylic paint and produced very impressive portraits.
8th Grade students learn about the surrealist art movement. Students had a lot of fun exploring the idea of things not always being as they appear! Their project brief was to transform a living creature into an inanimate object over 4 stages.